Pastor's Update 

Everybody Should Visit a Kindergarten Room

I got to spend sometime in the Kindergarten classroom today. They are working on letters. They get to work on letters in art class...I'm kind of jealous.

They asked me what name was on the picture. I told them, "Jesus". They were very impressed.

I told them it was time to clean. They asked me how I knew. I told them, "Because I can tell time."

One of the kids said I was awesome. That felt pretty great. It's easy to forget sometimes how much kids need to learn.

Grandparents day is coming up on the 22nd. Literacy night is pretty soon after that. But the real important work of what's going on in the school is the daily teaching and studying. Pretty soon they won't be so impressed that somebody can tell time and read. That's a good thing because they'll get to read about all of the exciting things that are out in the world. They'll get to set their own schedules and run their own lives. They'll get to be the awesome people that they are looking up to now.

God willing they'll get to walk into a kindergarten room sometime and feel awesome because they can read and tell time.

I thought you wanted to be a Pastor?

It's a question that I've gotten a lot since I received the call to serve here at the beginning of summer. They’re right. I do want to be a pastor that hasn’t changed. I think at this point it’s become such a part of me that even if I left the ministry I would still act like a pastor. So why am I at a school? Along those same lines, the other question I get a lot is are you the principal or the school pastor?
The answer to that question is, “yes.” I’m the one the kids are going to if they have discipline issues. (Thankfully none so far) If there’s a problem that a parent wants to bring to the administration it’s my extension they call. (Ext. 232) I also still preach sermons. I spent a half-hour answering 5th and 6th grader questions about what’s going to happen on Judgment Day. (Trust the Good Shepherd who laid down his life for you. He’s got it all worked out.) I get to teach Catechism class. I’m leading Bible Studies. I even have people who come into my office to talk. I get to do both.
The reality is that it’s all Gospel ministry. I get to share God’s word to the school family. At some point then it doesn’t matter what you call the job. Ministry takes many shapes and forms but God is glorified.


First Day of School!

It's my first day as a school principal. It's completely not like what I would have expected. I remember when I went to school, and those first days. Today was so very different. Not just because I never went to school wearing a suit when I was a kid either. It was different because here at St. John's we can do something that the public schools aren't allowed to do. We can pray and share God's word.

We started today thanking God in prayer. Thankfulness is a great way to live. I got to remind the kids that God called these teachers because he loves the students and wants them to go to heaven. We all share that one common goal of working together to build each other up so that we have eternal life. That's the type of unity and connection that we have and I always want to keep.

I can't remember most of the kids names yet. (I am working on it.) But I can tell each one of them that God knows their names. God loves them and watches over them. Even my most encouraging public school teachers, could at best talk about how they could help me get a better job. That's why I am so thankful to have this call to serve at St. John's. We get to have reading, writing, and arithmetic but we also have God’s word.